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Tyzor® - Organic Titanates and Zirconates

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미국 Dorf-Ketal에서 생산하는 유기 티탄산인 Tyzor(타이조)는 각종 화학제품의 생산, 코팅, 페인트, 접착제, 유리, 금속가공등에 널리 사용되고 있다. 수많은 용도에서 Tyzor가 가지는 중요한 3가지 기능은 아래와 같다.

에스테르화 반응과 올레핀 중합등의 촉매
각종 제품의 물성을 향상시키기 위한 고분자 가교 결합
접착성, 윤활성, 안료나 충진재 분산의 원할함을 위한 표면개질

많은 용도에서 Tyzor는 타 화학제품보다 사용이 쉽고, 효과가 독특하며 원치 않는 부반응이 없고 경제적이다. Tyzor는 사용 목적에 따라 많은 종류가 있는데, Table 1은 그 대표적인 제품의 물성표이며, Table 2는 각종 산업 분야에서의 용도를, Table 3은 용도에 따른 제품추천에 대한 요약, Table 4는 각종 Tyzor의 화학명을 요약한 표이다.


 Table 1. Physical Properties of Tyzor® Organic Titanatesa


  Tetraallkyl Titanates Chelates Aqueous Chelates
Tyzor TPT Tyzor TBT Tyzor TOT Tyzor AA-75 Tyzor PITA Tyzor TE Tyzor LA
Tetraisopropyl titanate Tetra-n-butyl titinate Tetrakis(2-ethyl-
hexyl) titanate
Acetylacetonate chelate Ethyl acetoacetate chealate Triethanolamine chealate Lactic acid chealate, ammonium salt
Chemical Type Tetraalkyl Tetraalkyl Tetraalkyl Chealate Chealate Chealate Chealate
CAS name 2-Propanol, titanium(4+) salt 1-Butanol, titanium(4+) salt 1-Hexanol, 2-ethyl-, titanium(4+) salt Not applicable bis(ethyl-3-oxobu- tanolato-O 1,O3) bis(2-propanolato)- Titanium, isopropoxy, (triethanol- aminato) -(X:Y:Z) Titanium, dihydroxy, bis [2- hydroxypropanato (2-)-O1,O2]- Titanate (2-),
CAS Registry No. 546-68-9 5593-70-4 1070-10-6 Not applicable 27858-32-8 74665-17-1 65104-06-5
Formula Weight (Calculated) of Organic Titanate 284 340 565 Proprietary 424 462 294
Ti in Product, %
Ti in Product
as TiO2, %







Composition, % 100 100 100 75 (in alcohol) 100 80 (in alcohol) 50(in water)
Physical Appearance Pale yellow liquid Pale yellow liquid Pale yellow liquid Red liquid amber liquid Yellow to liquid Pale yellow liquid Light amber liquid
Specific Gravity (25/25) 0.95 0.99 0.91 1.02 1.05 1.06 1.21
Approximate Viscosity, cP or mPa·s at 25 3 82 118 6 37 119 5
Thickening Point, 18c <-40 <-25 -46 20 -35 -10
Flash Point, Pensky-Martens Closed Tester Closed Cup, 21 47 60 12 27 16 Does not ignite
Effect of Water Extremely rapid hydrolysisd Very rapid hydrolysis Rapid hydrolysis Slow hydrolysis Very slow hydrolysis Very slow hrdrolysis Very slow hrdrolysis
Typical Solvent Solubility Isopropyl Alcohole n-Heptanee n-Butanole n-Heptanee 2-Ethylhexanole n-Heptanee Isopropyl Alcohol-Water
Ethyl Acetate Isopropyl Acetate
Isopropyl Alcohol Acetone
Ethyl Alcohol
Isopropyl Alcohol Water Miscible with water

aThese properties are drawn from various DuPont and other literature sources. DuPont does not make any express or implied warranty that future production will demonstrate or continue to possess these typical properties.
bTyzor GBA is the new standard for Tyzor AA. It was developed to eliminate crystallization problems during cold-weather shipping and storage.
cFreezing point.
dCan be stabilized
eOrganic solvents should be anhydrous-or nearly so-to ensure stability of solutions.
fTyzor DEA is a thixotrope that will gel water at 10-90% concentration.
Note: Boiling Point(
°C) for orthoesters-Tyzor TPT 232 at 760 mmHg; Tyzor TBT 206 at 10 mmHg; Tyzor TOT 249 at 11 mmHg.


Table 2. Industrial Applications of Tyzor® Organic Titanates and Zirconates
Industry Function Effect
Adhesives Surface Modification
Adhesion promotion
Resin manufacture

Surface Modification
Resin cross-linking for molded parts
Coatings cross-linking
Pigment dispersion
Catalysis Esterification and transesterification catalysis
Polyesterification catalysis
Olefin polymerizatoin catalysis
Phenol formaldehyde resin catalysis
Lactone polymerization catalysis
Polycarbonate resin catalysis
Polyurethane catalysis
Molecular rearrangements catalysis
Coatings Catalysis
Surface Modification
Polymer synthesis
Coating binder insolubilization, Improve film properties
Pigment dispersion
Cosmetics Surface Modification Hair treatment, Protection against UV light
Elastomers Cross-Linking Improvement of tensile strength
Curing of RTV silicone rubbers
Electronics Surface Modification Preparation of barium titanate coatings
Titanium dioxide coatings for dielectrics
Improved adhesion of photoresist resin
Titanium dioxide coatings for transistors
Improved Liquid-Crystal-Display(LCD) properties
Films Surface Modification Improvement of laminate adhesion
Films and
Surface Modification
Polyester, alkyd, polyurethane catalysis
Paint vehicle cross-linking, Thixotropy in latex paints
Viscosity reduction in solvent-borne paints and coatings
Pigment dispersion
Glass Surface Modification Scratch resistance
Graphic Arts Catalysis
Surface Modification
Polyester resin catalysis
Printing ink binder cross-linking
Improved printability of surfaces
Metals Surface Modification Corrosion-resistant coatings
Oil Field Cross-Linking Viscosity increase in fracturing gels
Paper Cross-Linking Improved wet strength
Petroleum Products Surface Modification Improved lubricity of oils
Pigments Surface Modification Pigment dispersion
Plastics Catalysis
Surface Modification
Polymerization of esters, olefins, lactones, urethanes
Resin cross-linking
Filler dispersion and improved compatibility of filler with polymer matrix, viscosity reduction
Primers for Metals,
Plastics, Rubbers
Surface Modification Adhesion promotion, Corrosion resistance
Textile Catalysis Polyester manufacture

Table 3. Grade Selection Chart for Tyzor® Organic Titanates and Zirconates
Grades Type Properties Applications
TYZOR TPT, TnBT, TOT, NPT, ET Tetraalkyl titanate moisture-sensitive 100% active, very reactive Cross-linking in nonaqueous formulations
Surface modification
AA-75, AA-105,
Titanium chelate 75%-100% active in alcohol
Activated at 100 to 250
Used in aqueous and nonaqueous formulations
Delayed cross-linking
TYZOR PITA Titanium chelate Not soluble in water
100% active
Activated at 100 to 250
Used in nonaqueous formulations
Delayed cross-linking
TYZOR TE Titanium chelate Soluble in water (slow hydrolysis)
80% active in alcohol
Activated at 100 to 250
and a pH from 1 to 10
Used in aqueous and nonaqueous formulations
Delayed cross-linking
TYZOR LA Aqueous titanium chelate 50% active in water
Activated at 100 to 250
and a pH from 5 to 10
Most reactive of aqueous chelates
Used in aqueous formulations
Delayed cross-linking
TYZOR NPZ, NBZ Tetraalkyl zirconate Moisture-sensitive
Contains alcohol solvents
Cross-linking in nonaqueous formulations
Surface modification

Table 4. Tyzor® Organic Titanates and Zirconates
Product Name Product Description Packing
Ortho Titanate Esters
TYZOR TPT Isopropyl Titanate 190kg
TYZOR ET Ethyl Titanate 200kg
TYZOR TnBT n-Butyl Titanate 200kg
TYZOR BTP Poly-N-Butyl-Titanate 200kg
TYZOR TOT 2-Ethylhexyl Titanate 190kg
TYZOR NPT n-Propyl Titanate 200kg
TYZOR OGT Octylene Glycol Titanate 200kg
Organic Chelates
TYZOR TE Triethanolamine Titanate 200kg
TYZOR AA-105 Ti. Acetyl Acetonate(IPA/EtOH) 200kg
TYZOR AA-75 Ti. Acetyl Acetonate(75%Ti AA/IPA) 200kg
TYZOR PITA Ethyl Acetoacetic Ester Titanate 200kg
TYZOR TEAZ Triethanolamine Zirconate 200kg
Aqueous Chelates
TYZOR LA Aqueous Titanium. Lactate Chelate 200kg
Ortho Zirconate Esters
TYZOR NBZ n-Butyl Zirconate 200kg
TYZOR NPZ n-Propyl Zirconate 200kg




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